Improving Health.
Transforming Lives

Dave “Softy” Mahler from KJR Sports Radio 950 AM lost 70 pounds!

I was exhausted in the morning and tired in the evening. 30/10 has changed all of that for me. I’m down 70 lbs and thanks to 30/10, I know I’ll keep the weight off for life!”

Laurel Hensel lost 70 pounds!

Since 30/10, I have a new understanding of what and how to eat. Plus, a greater confidence in myself and my choices.

Jim lost 85 pounds!

My life is so much better and so different now that I’ve completed the program. No more blood pressure medications!

Norm lost 56 pounds!

A retired air force pilot, Norm did a 17-week program with us in 2016. He had a blood draw which revealed significant liver enzymes improvement and when he had completed the program, his doctor replied “AWESOME!”

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Improving Health.

Transforming Lives.

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