“Thanks to 30/10, I lost 70 pounds. That was over nine years ago, and I don’t ever plan on finding those pounds again!”
– Softy

“Losing 35 pounds has had a wonderful impact on how I feel both physically and emotionally. I’m far more active now and can even keep up with my daughter. There was also something real satisfying about getting rid of some of the clothes that I never really liked to wear.”
– Sam

“I’ve been given a new life! I weighed 433 pounds. 6 months later, I had lost over 100… As thrilled as I was to reach various milestones, my coach was equally excited and continued to guide and encourage me. I kept the same belt and just kept punching new holes in it… Now, 21 holes and 218 pounds later, I couldn’t be happier.”
– Paul

“There was 20 pounds that I just couldn’t seem to shake. The coaches at 30/10 taught me what my body needs to thrive; helping me keep and develop muscle, while quickly burning that extra body fat. For enlightening coaching and wonderful support, thank you 30/10!”
– Jessalyn

“My life is so much better now that I’ve finished the program. I’m not taking blood pressure medication anymore. Now, that I’ve lost the weight, it’s amazing how much better I feel and how much better my life is.
– Jim, 85 pounds healthier

“My wedding was approaching and I really wanted to lose some weight. With the help of 30/10, I dropped 35 pounds and started shopping for a new dress! For a life of good health and greater joy, I’m glad I found 30/10.”
– Meghan

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