Your New Nickname: Goal-Setter

As we begin to enter a new month, that means it is the perfect time to make goals! Setting a goal allows you to focus on something important that matters to you, and having a goal to work towards increases your self esteem and self efficacy. It can also decrease procrastination and increase productivity, motivation, […]

Navigate Your Way to Success: How to Grocery Shop

There is a common task that we all share; grocery shopping. Not only is it a task that is time consuming for some, it is what makes or breaks our diet! It is important to know how to navigate a grocery store, and we are here to share all of our tips and tricks for […]

MSG-what is it?

MSG is a very common ingredient listed on packages in the grocery store and you might have seen many news articles debating on what it is and how it affects our health. We wanted to take a couple of minutes to go over some basic information regarding MSG and shed some light on this food […]

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