Transform Your Mornings from Good to Great!

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

It is safe to say that how your mornings go is what can influence the rest of your day: how you feel when you wake up, what you were able to get done, and the way you have your mornings set up all either lead to a productive and happy day or a rushed, stressful day. Allow yourself to transform your morning routine into one that benefits you by using these tips throughout your morning!

Rise and Shine!

Part of your morning routine should be waking up at a time that allows you to get all that you want to get done without feeling rushed. Having a rushed morning can increase your stress throughout the day, which can decrease your productivity or cause an afternoon slump from such a chaotic morning. Try waking up a half-hour earlier to start, and you will notice a difference in your routine, as you will have time to do all that you need to start your morning off right!

Set Aside Time for Yourself

No matter what it is that you have to do after your routine, such as working from home, clocking in at the office, switching to parent mode (or maybe nothing at all!),  it is important to set aside time for you in the mornings. Depending on what you want to get done in that time, setting aside 5 minutes or an hour can increase your productivity in your day. Need any ideas for what to do in that time? Take a look at the list below for inspiration!

  • Journal – journaling can allow you to express your thoughts, relieve stress, help you stay organized, promote creativity, and gives you time to self-reflect. You can either start with a journal and pen and let your thoughts flow, or find a prompt/question to answer for daily inspiration. 
  • Relax – it is important to relax at any point of the day, so find time in your morning and relax! You can do so by meditating, reading a book, or listening to one of our 30/10 Audio Inspirations as you start your day. 
  • Enjoy a glass of water before caffeine – when you wake up, your body has not had any water for 6-8 hours, so it is important to hydrate in the mornings. After at least one glass of water, you can then enjoy a cup of coffee or tea during your you-time. 
  • Exercise/stretch – just like not having water for 6-8 hours, your body hasn’t had much movement in that same time. Get your blood flowing by doing morning stretches or go for a walk to wake your body up! Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry about working out later in the day, as you already have done it, the rest of your day is just extra movement. 
  • Get ready for the day – you don’t have to dress up or do your makeup each morning, but transitioning from night time to morning by changing your clothes and putting yourself together will have you feeling ready for the day.

Other things to ensure you have a good morning

Want more inspiration on what to do for your mornings? We are happy to help!

  • Make your to-do list the night before. Knowing what you want to get done the day before can help you stay organized and reduce stress for the next day. 
  • Limit distractions such as the TV or your phone both before bed and when you wake up. Your mornings should be about you as you start your day, so focus on you and save social media and emails for later. 
  • Set your alarm across the room and don’t hit the snooze button! Having it across the room makes you get up first thing and helps you start your day right away. And when you continuously press snooze instead of getting up, you will feel more tired because your body is in a state of trying to go back to sleep while also having to get up. While sleep is great, it is time to get up and start your day! 
  • Have breakfast every day to give your body energy. Skipping breakfast and major meals can cause you to overeat at your next meal or cause an afternoon slump due to lack of energy. Making a 30/10 pancake takes minutes, or you can prep your breakfast ahead of time! 
  • Have the same or similar routine on the weekends. You may not need to be up as early on the weekends, but having the same routine will provide consistency and can instill the habit of a productive morning.

Find a routine that works for you

Only you can determine what you want to be included in your morning routine. Using this blog as inspiration on how to change your routine to promote productivity and healthy habits will transform your mornings (and the rest of your day too!) It is also important to figure out an order of routine that works for you. A great way to find the right order is by practicing time blocking, which lays out each part of your routine and the time it takes to complete. If you wake up one hour before leaving for work, you only allow yourself that hour to get ready and then you don’t allow yourself time for other aspects such as making breakfast, exercising, or having time for yourself. Plan out what you want to do in your morning, see how long it takes to get it done, and then wake up at a time to not rush!

Have a great morning!

30/10 Weight Loss for Life is a comprehensive weight loss program that can help you achieve your goals and weight loss success! Get started with 30/10 Weight Loss for Life by visiting any 30/10 location or call us at (855)-937-3010!

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