Losing Weight While Type II Diabetic; Is it Possible? 30/10 Makes it Happen!

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

If you are Type II Diabetic, it can often feel like it’s impossible to lose weight and reverse your diagnosis…but that is not the case! 30/10 has helped hundreds of Type II Diabetic clients reduce, or in some cases, completely eliminate (with physician’s approval) the need for diabetic medications! 

Your 30/10 Type II Diabetic Protocol

30/10 consults with your physician to come up with an individualized plan to make sure that you lose body fat each week at a safe pace. And clients on our diabetic specific plan lose just as much weight as non-diabetic clients! On our plan, you will be provided protein-rich foods and we will help you choose healthy carbohydrates for each of your main meals. You will be eating every couple of hours to prevent any spikes or dips in your blood sugar levels. We also encourage you to adopt an active lifestyle and recommend you complete 20-30 mins of activity every day. Studies show that regular physical activity helps in managing diabetes and contributes to a reduction in insulin resistance. 

Reducing Your Medications

Most clients on the diabetic protocol need to have their physician reduce their insulin by 50% in the first couple of weeks while their blood sugar levels stabilize. About 78% of clients completely “cure out” of their Type II Diabetes through weight loss. Some clients have even been approved by their doctor to completely stop using insulin after losing weight and getting down to a healthy body fat percentage!* Many diabetic pills are prescribed based on where you fall on your A1C test. As you lose weight with 30/10, and your blood sugar levels come under control, your doctor will need to gradually reduce your dosage and in many cases will completely take you off your meds

Reversing Your Pre-Diabetic Status

It can be overwhelming to hear that you are pre-diabetic, but you should view it as a warning sign rather than a diagnosis! It is important to take action now so you can reverse the course and get your blood sugar levels under control. You can prevent yourself from being put on diabetic medications from your doctor by changing your eating habits and increasing your physical activity levels. Our coaches can help you make those lifestyle changes and set you up for success! 

Losing weight and getting down to a healthy body fat percentage can help your body regulate its blood sugar levels on its own, instead of relying on insulin or diabetic pills to do so. Our goal here at 30/10 is to make sure that you obtain optimal health and we love helping people manage, and overcome their Type II Diabetic status! 

* We recommend speaking with your physician prior to adjusting any medications*

30/10 Weight Loss for Life is a comprehensive weight loss program that can help you achieve weight loss success while providing many tools to help you transition to a healthy lifestyle! Get started with 30/10 Weight Loss for Life by visiting any 30/10 location or call us at (855)-937-3010!

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