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Looking to lose weight, develop a healthy lifestyle, and start feeling great? With 30/10, you’ll start losing weight the first week and gain greater energy and time for the people and things you love! Take action today and develop a sustainable and enjoyable weight loss plan with personalized coaching and tailored to your goals and needs.

Your New Lifestyle Is Within Reach.

Lifestyle Change

With 30/10, you'll learn what to eat and when - developing new sustainable habits for better health and weight management.

Weight Loss

You'll begin losing weight the very first week. And with a personalized plan, you'll discover losing weight can be delicious.

Personal Service

We're with you every step of the way. With one-on-one coaching, weekly weigh-ins, and a program tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Dr. Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder, Nutritionist, Certified 30/10 Coach

I love seeing clients reach their weight loss goals and begin living their healthiest! Losing weight can be fun, easy, and delicious and it’s my joy to work with our coaches and clients to develop personalized plans catered to each unique body type and nutritional needs.

With our proven plans, cooking classes, 500+ recipes, audio inspirations, the 30/10 app, and our free-for-life maintenance program, we are confident that you can reach your healthy body composition and maintain your weight loss, for life!

If, for any reason, you feel 30/10 is not right for you…  we will gladly refund your $20 consultation fee.

Guidance and support every step of the way

Whatever your nutrition and health goals, 30/10 will be right there with you.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

At 30/10 we use an extremely detailed and accurate body composition scale (NASA & Johns Hopkins University) in order to analyze and refine programming and performance.

One-on-One Coaching

Meet with your coach to talk through any situation you find challenging. Statistics show, when you can keep your weight off for one year, you're 95% more likely to keep it off for life!

The 30/10 App

With our 30/10 app, your weigh-in analytics, coaching tips, original recipes, click-to-order ingredients, audio inspirations (and more) are always at your fingertips.

Free-for-Life Maintenance

Once your reach and sustain your ideal body composition, enjoy monthly weigh-ins and continued coaching free-for-life!

Success Stories

“I wanted to lose weight and keep it off. I heard 30/10 was the one to call. They laid out the plan, I made the commitment, and together we saw my life change!"
Theresa, 40 pounds healthier
Lake Tapps, WA
“Those extra pounds that I just couldn’t seem to lose were no match for 30/10. Stick with the program, follow their guidance and suggestions – the weight will melt away.”
Sam, 35 pounds livelier
Seattle, WA

You're worth it!

Take action today and let’s discuss your goals.

on taking the next step

on taking the next step

towards a healthier lifestyle!

 Here’s what will happen next:

  1. One of our coaches will give you a call to learn more about you and your ambitions.
  2. Then we’ll schedule your consultation and body composition analysis.
  3. Next, you’ll begin your journey to a healthier life.

All of our plans are customized to accommodate your unique needs and lifestyle. Once you hit your ideal healthy body composition we transition you into our amazing personalized and free* maintenance plan. And it’s free forever. That’s why we’re 30/10 Weight Loss For Life.

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