How to Stay Active During the Winter

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

When the weather is nice, no clouds in the sky, and the sunshine feels good on your skin, it is the perfect time of year for getting activity in! But what about those colder, gloomy months? Whether you exercise indoors or outdoors, the weather can have a big impact on your exercise routine. Here are some tips on how to still get your activity in this winter, no matter how cold it is!

Join an indoor gym or track

If you prefer to get your cardio in by walking or biking, try out an indoor gym membership during the winter months! There are gyms that now have indoor tracks to run on, but all gyms will have treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals for you to still get your daily cardio in! If you are intimidated by the gym, consider doing some laps at your indoor shopping mall as a way to get your steps in!

Create a workout space at home

If you have an extra room or even a small 6’ x 6’ space, invest in a workout mat and use free exercise videos online to get your activity in! As a 30/10 Client, you have access to original 30/10 Exercise Videos on our app! Each video is about a half hour long, and is a great and easy way to get your daily movement in. You can also take up online exercise classes like yoga, circuit training, and pilates!

Plan ahead for weather

If you prefer to go walking or running outdoors, look at the weather forecast and plan ahead. With exercise, consistency is key, and that does not mean you always have to workout at the same time every day, you just have to consistently work out during the week. Look at the weather ahead of time at the beginning of each week, and plan out your morning or evening outings based on when it would be the warmest part of the day if you find that it is too cold! This way you don’t miss any workouts by not being prepared.

Wear layers

Now let’s say the morning or evening is the only time you have to exercise, but it is too cold. Layering up is a great solution, especially if you have a backpack or bag to put your clothing into. As you get moving, your body will naturally heat up, and you may not want to be wearing a jacket and long sleeve shirt for your entire run/walk/ride. It is also good to find moisture-wicking material that is lightweight and insulates when choosing your exercise apparel!

Enjoy the better weather with hiking or walking

If you live in hot places such as Arizona where winter is bearable outdoors, soak up the mildly cold weather by being able to enjoy an afternoon workout such as hiking or walking! You won’t have to wake up as early to beat the heat and plus, you can soak up some Vitamin D!

Increase daily movement if staying active is difficult

For our clients that live in Washington or other colder states, if exercising indoors or outdoors is not an easy way to get your exercise in, we recommend that you increase your daily movement! The Mayo Clinic recommends getting 10,000 steps a day, and if you already get that many steps each day, increase your daily steps to a number that challenges you, such as adding 1,000 steps every two weeks. By increasing your daily movement, you are still staying active, which is better than being sedentary!

Workout longer on the weekends

Take advantage of your weekends by extending your time for exercise! You should aim for at least 20 minutes of daily activity each day, but if you have more free time on the weekends, try and increase your exercise time to 30-45 minutes on those days! You can also set a goal for total exercise minutes for your week. For example, if you wanted to get 150 minutes of exercise per week, that would be either five days of 30 minute exercises, or 18-20 minutes of exercise on weekdays and 30 minutes of exercise on weekends. If there is a day where you aren’t able to get your normal activity in, adjust your workout times on the weekends so that you still meet a weekly goal rather than a daily goal. This ensures that you have more flexibility with your exercise routine without having to sacrifice your workout time! Another way to increase activity on the weekends is to participate in activities that incorporate movement, such as walking around the farmers market, going for longer walks with your pets around the park, or by getting some cleaning and chores done around the house! 

Just remember that some exercise is better than none, and it’s more important to be consistent than to have a perfect workout routine, so see what works for you when it comes to getting your daily activity in and stick to it!

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