How to Create Your Ideal Night Time Routine

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

It’s safe to say that you can set your morning routine up for success by having a night time routine that supports it! If you haven’t read our blog on how to transform your morning routine, you can check it out here.

Night time routines start at any time, from when you get home from your day to when you begin to prepare dinner. No matter when you start your routine, the most important thing is that you have one in the first place! We are all creatures of habit, and your routine should consist of healthy habits that promote your day-to-day success, while also leaving time for yourself and what you enjoy. Here are some tips on how to create your ideal night time routine!


Whether you are preparing your meal at home or going out to eat, your dinner should provide your body with a source of lean protein, healthy fats, and satiating carbohydrates such as vegetables and should be eaten no later than two hours before bed. Dinner time is a great opportunity to practice mindful eating by limiting distractions such as cell phones and the television. Fill up your cup by enjoying time with loved ones or with yourself!

Plan for the Next Day 

Have you ever tried falling asleep but are unable to due to the ongoing to-do list in your head? Clear your mind by transferring your to-do list to paper before bed! Studies show that putting your thoughts onto paper can help your brain sort through messy thoughts that contribute to insomnia. You can even save time for your morning routine by planning ahead what you will be eating the next day and by packing your lunch.

Set Aside Time for You 

Now that you are nourished from dinner and have organized your thoughts, it is time to relax and do something for yourself that you enjoy! From quality family time, to reading a book, to watching your favorite TV show, setting aside time to relax can improve your day-to-day productivity and decrease stress levels. Aim for at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time for your chosen activity. 

Winding Down 

If you are one to exercise in the evening, you may not want to exercise too close to bedtime. Exercise releases endorphins, which can increase your energy levels and make it hard to fall asleep. Aim to workout no closer than 90 minutes before your bedtime so as to not risk effects that can lead to insomnia. 

For all of our readers that love caffeine, it is important to not have caffeine in the afternoon or evenings! Even if you have no trouble falling asleep after ingesting caffeine, it can still prevent you from entering deep REM sleep as caffeine is a mental and physical stimulant. In the afternoons, switch to decaf coffee and at night drink a sleepy time tea if you feel the need to drink anything besides water.


Whether you exercise in the evening or not, you should still make sure to hydrate before bed. Being adequately hydrated can improve your sleep quality, but it also prevents your body from becoming dehydrated as you won’t have any water for the next 7-9 hours! You should also hydrate your body immediately when you wake up, so keep a glass of water next to your bed. Another way to hydrate and relax before bed is by having a chamomile tea, which is known to promote sleep and help with insomnia. 

Get Some Rest 

Set a bedtime that allows you to get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night to allow your body to get the rest and recovery it needs. Promote good sleep habits by setting the room to a comfortable temperature, have little to no light exposure, and avoid caffeine in the late afternoons. If you struggle with falling asleep, try listening to a 30/10 Audio Inspiration, or listening to a noise machine. 

Tis night time and you’re getting ready for sleep, make sure to use these tips, and benefits you shall reap!

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