Don’t Fumble This Sports Season-Use These Tips To Stay On Track!

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

As sports such as football, soccer and basketball begin to kickoff, check out our game day tips below to score a win with your health goals! 

Have a Game Plan

If social situations tend to be tricky when it comes to staying on track, it is best to plan ahead! If you are attending a game or gathering, see what food options are available. It never hurts to eat a meal ahead of time and bring a snack for yourself to have during the game. Or if you are hosting, lay out a vibrant veggie tray and have appetizers such as deviled eggs and buffalo wings for all to enjoy! You can also serve your own mocktails using sparkling water with lemon or lime, or enjoying a 30/10 Fruit Drink in a wine glass! 

Take a Lap

Set aside time for yourself to get your daily activity in, especially if you plan to sit and watch the game. Utilize halftime to get some steps in before the third quarter You can also use commercial breaks to get up and move around!

Get Your H2O in

Staying hydrated can help keep you full longer and reduce cravings, especially for sweets. Plus always having a water glass in hand can help keep you from drinking alcohol if you are planning to avoid it. 

Try not to drink your calories

If you do plan to have alcohol, set a limit for yourself. You can save on calories by choosing lower calorie options like a vodka-soda with lime and in between each alcoholic drink, you should consume 8oz of water to hydrate and space out your drinks. Soda is a common drink available at sporting events and watch parties and if you love your carbonation but not the calories, drink sparkling water! There are many flavor options to choose from and with one can being 0 calories, you can satisfy your bubble craving without drinking the 250 calories found in a regular can of soda.

Put the I in Team

While there may be tempting foods or alcoholic beverages at the gathering, keep reminding yourself of your goals. You are the captain of your own team, don’t let temptations or other players interfere with what choices you make. 


Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments! As you keep your health goals in mind this sports season, be sure to enjoy the game and time with family and friends! Try not to have a rivalry with yourself and just know we are all rooting for you!

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