30/10 Client Spotlight – Margaret

It’s time for another 30/10 Client Success Story! This week we have one from Margaret who, with the help of the Everett office, lost 48.7lbs and qualifies for life-long maintenance! Before After! Here is what Margaret said about her weight-loss journey with 30/10! “This program REALLY works! It’s the easiest weight loss program I’ve ever […]

Client Spotlight – Amanda

Let’s congratulate 30/10 Washington client, Amanda, on conquering her weight loss goals and transitioning to her free-for-life maintenance plan! She has been maintaining her weight loss since February of 2021 and has kept it off with the help of her coaches at the Tacoma office! Keep up the good work, Amanda! Amanda has improved her […]

30/10 Client Spotlight- Katie

Let’s give 30/10 Washington client Katie a big round of applause for transitioning to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining her weight loss for the past 3 years! Way to go Katie, we’re proud of you! Here’s what Katie’s coach had to say about her experience on program Katie describes that when she first went into […]

30/10 Client Spotlight-Paul

Let’s give 30/10 AZ client Paul a big congratulations on his weight loss success! During his time on program at the Chandler office, Paul went from walking 1/2 mile at a time to walking 12 miles a day! He discovered his love for a healthy lifestyle and is now one of the most active people […]

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