A Recap of our year!

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life


Happy New Year from 30/10 Weight Loss for Life! 2022 was an OUTSTANDING year for us,  and it was all because of our 30/10er’s! We wanted to share with you a recap of all the wonderful things you helped us accomplish this year.

As of 2023, 30/10 Weight Loss for Life is celebrating 12 years of being in business! Since we have been open, 30/10 Clients have lost over 786,000 pounds! That is equal to the weight of 40 school buses! Great job 30/10’ers, we look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2023!

If you are new to 30/10 Weight Loss for Life, our mission is to “Improve Health and to Change Lives.” We focus on providing personalized programs to help you lose weight, develop lifelong healthy habits, and maintain your weight loss for life! 30/10 has physical locations in Washington and Arizona but we can help you lose weight Anywhere with our virtual program!

With 30/10 Lifestyle Complete, we have provided you with fresh, delicious meals, delivered right to your doorstep! We have provided over 5,000 chef-made dinners to our 30/10’ers this year, now with 8 weekly options to choose from and the option of enjoying 3, 5, or 7 meals a week.

Outside of weight loss, we love to give back to the community! In 2022, we donated to Pounds for a Purpose, Toys for Tots, as well as clothing drives at select locations! In September 2022, all 30/10 locations participated in Pounds for a Purpose, where we partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project and donated $1 for every pound lost that month, and ended up with a total of $2,380 donated! By losing weight and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, 30/10 Clients helped a Wounded Warrior by giving them the vital services they need and empowering them to live a healthy and productive life!

In December 2022, all 30/10 Weight Loss for Life locations donated to Toys for Tots, who provides a Christmas gift to less fortunate children. We were happy to donate to Toys for Tots and we provided toys for over 100 children this year! 

As you lose weight with 30/10, you lose inches and often need to ditch part of your wardrobe! At select locations, clients have the option of bringing in their clothes they have shrunk out of and donating them to a local charity. No longer fitting in your clothes is a huge milestone when it comes to losing weight, and we love celebrating that milestone by donating gently used clothing to those in need at the House of Refuge. So far we have donated 1,020 pounds of clothing over the last few years, and we look forward to continuing this tradition next year!

Lastly, 30/10 Weight Loss for Life has helped 6 clients lose over 100 pounds in 2022! We have also helped reduce the need of certain medications for our clients such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol with physician’s approval! We are so proud of each and every person that comes through our door, ready to transform their lives and gain their health back! 

We are so excited to see what 2023 has in store for 30/10 Weight Loss for Life and our clients!

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on taking the next step

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