3010’s First Cook-Along!

by Linda DeGroot
by Linda DeGroot

Co-Founder at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

This past Saturday, we hosted our first-ever Cook-Along! We debuted a brand new twist on our normal cooking shows, where not only did clients get to see a recipe demonstrated, they also got to cook the meal during the show! 30/10’ers at the Chandler office got to cook a delicious meal, while those not able to be in-person were able to tune in via Zoom. All those involved whipped up a yummy Pesto Flank Steak with Garlic & Herb Asparagus with a side of Garlic Basil Salad! To top off the meal, Culinary Instructors Samantha & Laryssa stirred up a refreshing 30/10 Sparkling Fruit Punch! Check out some behind-the-scenes photos of the staff and participants spicing up the 30/10 kitchen!

Our in-person 30/10’ers were supplied with working stations full of cook tops, pans, cutting boards and all the tools they needed to whip up a delicious meal! All our other 30/10’ers who cooked with us virtually were able to follow along and make their dinners at home!

The demonstration included tips and tricks for chopping veggies, sauteing meat, and meal prepping! Clients had the opportunity to have their questions answered about different cooking techniques and ways to customize their recipes.

The finished product included a Pesto Flank Steak with Garlic & Herb Asparagus, a Garlic Basil Salad, and a Lemon Razzy Fruit Punch! The recipes featured in the Cook-Along are all original 30/10 recipes and are designed to provide variety and tons of flavor while you’re losing weight! All the ingredients used during the demonstration were healthy proteins, fats, and veggies that are approved for the 30/10 Program.

The clients were able to connect with each other and swap tips like their favorite 30/10 recipes, the healthy changes they’ve made so far, the health goals they’ve accomplished and what they are going to accomplish! It was a unique opportunity for all to share suggestions and motivate one another while enjoying a homemade meal together.

Pamela was proud of the healthy, delicious meal she made!

The coaches loved hosting this event for their clients because it was an opportunity for everyone to connect and share their experiences of losing weight and gaining health!

Stay tuned for updates on future 30/10 Cook-Alongs!

30/10 Weight Loss for Life is a comprehensive weight loss program that can help you achieve your goals and weight loss success! Get started with 30/10 Weight Loss for Life by visiting any 30/10 location or call us at (855)-937-3010!

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