Why Would A Weight Loss Clinic Buy A $10,000 Scale?

Here at 30/10, we know that not every scale is created equal, that’s why we chose a highly accurate, medical-grade, body-composition scale for our clients’ weight loss programs! There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to your overall weight, including muscle gain, water weight, and body fat. We understand the […]

How 30/10 Can Help Men Improve Their Health

Men's Health

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed women’s health as it relates to obesity, and now it’s time to dive into men’s health! Obesity is becoming a common health issue for men and is especially more prevalent among older men compared to older women. In the United States, seventy-two percent of men over the […]

Women’s Health as it Relates to Weight; Why it Matters!

Why is weight such a hot topic for your doctor? Most women have had their doctor tell them that they should be at a healthy weight and under a certain body fat percentage…but why? We’re going to go in depth for you and show you how your health could be related to how much you […]

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