Frequently Asked Questions

We provide our clients with great tasting and protein-packed food products to help make the process of slimming down easier and more certain. The only thing you will have to concern yourself with as far as food preparation is your dinner meal which we will discuss with you in detail. We incorporate taped Behavior Modification Sessions to help refocus/re-pattern how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise, and weight loss for life. Weekly weigh-ins, coaching and support help create a positive environment to keep you excited and enthusiastic about your progress and direction.

Our nutritional food products provide you with a healthy amount of protein and nutrition that you will need to allow your body to burn the fat. We have a wide variety of food options that satisfy the palate. The average client finds that they love our large variety of choices, all with different tastes and textures.

Absolutely not! We will not abandon you once you reach your ideal weight. We want our success clients to continue to come in for periodic Accountability Weigh-ins every 3 to 4 weeks at no charge. If you do happen to gain weight between accountability weigh-ins, we are able to catch the gain early on and then coach you on how to lose that gain at home with regular food. We would then have you back in a week to be certain that gain is gone.

You will come in once a week for weigh-ins and to pick up food products for the following week. We will also sit and talk to you if there is an issue or concern. You will be able to experience our audio Behavior Modification Sessions with each visit.

The cost depends upon each individual client. Stress issues, health conditions, medications, number of pounds to lose and body composition analysis findings will all determine the cost and duration of your individual program.

Exercise and an increased activity level are always beneficial to support a healthy lifestyle and to boost metabolism. Many of our clients have feet, knee and hip issues due to chronic weight gain. When they drop their first 30-50 pounds, they often begin to feel much better and naturally begin to become more active.