The Weight Loss/Weight gain issue:

Weight Problem

The 30/10 Weight Loss for Life protocol takes an integrative approach to you slimming down and achieving your healthy "ideal" weight. We understand that weight loss and weight gain is primarily mental, emotional, habit and behavior. These vital aspects of our being must be addressed along with the diet. Our state of mind is really the critical link. You have to want to change, a sincere willingness to let go the bad habits and those bad habit "demons" (sabotaging thoughts and feelings). We incorporate taped Self Mastery Sessions (see SMT/Brainwave) in addition to behavior modification techniques to help you change how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise and weight loss for life. Each person has their own individual issues with food and diet that causes them to put on the weight and that has prevented them from slimming down. Our protocol is very precise and we strive to make the process easy with the addition of great nutritional food products. Best results are always obtained with the person who has the desire, commitment, determination and conviction to achieve their desired state at their ideal weight.

Ideal Weight vs. Target Weight

Your "ideal" weight is based upon your specific body composition analysis involving your healthy ideal body fat percent and your healthy ideal visceral fat rating-according to your body composition analysis. Clients frequently describe to us what their goals are for their "target" weight-we find that a person's desired target weight is often a number based upon emotion or just a random number of pounds they have in mind. Most people have several target numbers they want to achieve. Our emphasis with each and every 30/10 slim down client is their specific "ideal" weight, based upon their body composition numbers. Our experience within the 30/10 protocol is that the value of achieving ideal weight is to let go the unnecessary fat that negatively impacts metabolism and physiology. We find a transformation in metabolism at the achieved ideal weight from slow and sluggish to fast and efficient. Clients describe to us they feel as if their hormones have balanced for the first time in years, as they typically experience a dramatic increase in energy and libido as they become naturally more active.

We will NOT Abandon you

When you achieve your healthy "ideal" weight (normal healthy body fat percent and visceral fat rating), we will not abandon you!! We will want you to return for frequent accountability weigh-ins at no charge. Accountability weigh-ins are critical after you reach ideal weight, as they help change habits and behaviors over time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does your program work?
We provide our clients with great tasting nutritional food products to help make the process of slimming down easy and more certain. The only thing you will have to concern yourself with as far as food preparation is your dinner meal which we will discuss with you in detail. We incorporate taped Self Mastery Sessions (see SMT/Brainwave) to help change/re-pattern how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise, and weight loss for life. Many of our larger 30/10 facilities offer infrared sauna sessions (see Infrared-Sauna). Weekly weigh-ins, coaching and support help create a positive environment to keep you excited and enthusiastic about your progress and direction. 

Tell me about your Nutritional Food Products
Our nutritional food products provide you with a healthy amount of protein and nutrition that you will need to allow your body to burn the fat easily and quickly. We have a wide variety of food options that satisfy the palate. The average client finds 5-8 products that they love from our large variety of choices, all with different tastes and textures.

The possibility of losing 30 lbs. in 10 weeks-that cannot be possible! How can you get such great results?
We have developed this program to be as easy and effective as possible. It is a very precise program that gives your body what it needs to burn the fat, not the muscle. Clients who follow the program precisely really can and do realize superb results in a relatively short period of time. Many of our male clients lose 40 to 50 pounds in 10 weeks.
Individual results can and do vary. Industry standards are 1-2 pounds a week.

Once the program is over, am I on my own to try to keep the weight off?
Absolutely not! We will not abandon you once you reach your ideal weight. We want our success clients to continue to come in for periodic accountability weigh-ins every 3 to 4 weeks at no charge. If you do happen to gain weight between accountability weigh-ins, we are able to catch the gain early on and then coach you on how to lose that gain at home with regular food. We would then have you back in a week to be certain that gain is gone.

How many times a week do I need to come to your office if I start the program?
You will come in once a week for weigh-ins and to pick up food products for the following week. We will also sit and talk to you if there is an issue or concern. You will be able to experience the 20 minute taped Self Mastery Sessions on each visit and infrared sauna if you are a candidate for sauna in those 30/10 facilities that incorporate infrared.

What is the cost?
The cost depends upon each individual client. Stress issues, health conditions, medications, number of pounds to lose and body composition analysis findings will all determine the cost and duration of your individual program.

How is your program different from Atkins or Weight Watchers?
The 30/10 protocol is an efficient weight loss program that provides the client adequate protein and vegetables. We strive to make the slim down process easy and more certain by incorporating great tasting nutritional food products. The Self Mastery taped sessions help refocus and re-pattern how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise and weight loss for life (see SMT/Brainwave).