The Weight Loss/Weight gain problem:

Weight Problem

"Conditioned hyper-eating," a willpower sapping drive to eat, especially high fat, high sugar foods, even when you are not hungry. This condition occurs in the brain where these foods light up the brain's dopamine (pleasure-sensing) pathway, the same pathway that conditions people to alcohol or drugs. This factor is one of the root causes of the obesity epidemic in our country today.

Symptoms include: feeling that food controls you, eating when you are not hungry, eating too fast, craving sugar, salt and fat, eating without conscious awareness (such as finishing bag of chips without remembering to taste or enjoy them.), feeling compelled to continue eating even when you know you should stop, the inability to identify the feeling of fullness, the ability to relieve anxiety or depression by eating.

Ideal Weight vs. Target Weight

Your "ideal" weight is based upon your specific body-composition analysis involving your normal/ideal body fat percent and normal/ideal visceral fat rating. When you achieve your ideal weight you experience a new and efficient metabolism. You become a fat burner vs. a fat storer. Clients will tell us what their goals are for their "target" weight; a person's target weight is usually based upon emotion or a random number of pounds they have in their mind. Most people will have several target weights they want to achieve. Our emphasis with each and every slim-down client is the ideal weight, based upon their body-composition numbers dealing with body fat percentage and visceral fat rating. Sustainable weight loss, or weight loss for life, must take the overweight client into the efficient metabolism of the fat burner. If this is not achieved, then the client remains a fat storer and will gain the weight back. Accountability weigh-ins are for success clients who achieve their "ideal" weight.

We will NOT Abandon you

When you reach your ideal weight we will not abandon you! We will want you to return for frequent weigh-ins and coaching at no charge. Accountability and follow-ups are critical after your ideal weight is realized. To achieve a self-empowered and certain weight-loss for life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does your program work?
We provide our clients with food products for breakfast, lunch, a mid-day snack and depending on your size, additional products to make the transition into the program more comfortable for you. We provide additional coaching as well as self-mastery (hypnosis) sessions. On our program, women lose an average 30 lbs. in 10 weeks, while men average 50 lbs. in 10 weeks.

So, you give us food products-are they gross, processed foods?
Our products provide you with the ideal amount of protein and nutrition you will need to allow your body to burn the fat easily and quickly. We have a wide variety of food options that all taste very good-so there’s something for everyone!

30 lbs. in 10 weeks-that can’t be possible! How do you see such good results?
The doctors have developed this program to be as effective and as fun as possible! It’s a very precise program that gives your body what it needs to burn the fat, not the muscle. Clients who follow the program precisely really can and do realize superb results in a relatively short period of time! Men average 50 lbs in 10 weeks!

Once the program is over, am I on my own to try to keep the weight off?
We will not abandon you! We want our success clients to continue to come in for periodic weigh-ins at no charge once their ideal has been reached. If you do happen to gain weight in between weigh-ins, we will coach you how to “error-correct” the gain on your own, with whole foods.

How many times a week do I need to come to your office if I start the program?
You will come in once a week for weigh-ins and to pick up your products for the upcoming week.

What is the cost?
This really depends on each individual. Stress issues, health conditions, medications, number of pounds to lose and body composition analysis findings will all determine cost and duration of your individual program.

How is your program different from Atkins or Weight Watchers?
The 30/10 protocol is an efficient weight loss program with adequate protein and vegetables. We make the slim-down program easy and more certain by incorporating nutritional food products. The hypnosis taped sessions help refocus how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise and weight loss for life.

Self-Mastery Technology, is that like hypnosis?
Yes, the SMT sessions are a form of hypnosis. We understand that 50% of weight gain and weight loss is physical (diet), the other 50% is mental/emotional/habit. We strive to address the whole person in an effort to help you achieve Weight Loss for Life.