The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The 30/10 Weight Loss for Life protocol takes an integrative approach to you slimming down with the goal and objective for you to achieve your 30/10 defined healthy and ideal weight.






Lives Changed


Hundreds of

Total Pounds Lost


Dave “Softy” Mahler

Lost 70 pounds

“They helped me loose 70 lbs! and the best part- I’ve kept it off!”

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Diane K

Lost 60 pounds

The 30/10 program has been a life changing experience for me!

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Robert C.

Lost 60 pounds

“Feeling and looking better are really just the icing on the cake for me, it was the accomplishment of reaching a real good goal that was the greatest achievement.”

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Ken N.

Lost 65 pounds

“There really are not enough stars to rate this service. Wow, amazing, awesome!”

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Jeff K.

Lost 70 pounds

“I started my journey, to a new me and a healthier life, back in January of 2014. I was able to lose 70 pounds by May.”

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“My experience at 30/10 Weight Loss for Life has been life changing”

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Don A.

“I loved the program. It’s simple and easy. The coaches are great. I can’t see how this wouldn’t work for just about any one! Do it, follow it, and you will lose weight. Thank-you.”

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Dan T.

Lost 41 pounds

When I came in to 30/10 I was skeptical that it would work. I figured that it was just another diet plan that would help me lose weight as long as I purchased and ate their food…boy, was I wrong.

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Bill O.

First off I would say that the entire staff was very helpful. My coach was amazing: very enthusiastic and focused on my success. It took me a few days to get my brain wrapped around this program but once I did, I found it easy to follow. I was never hungry and never had a craving for anything. I feel better than I’ve felt in years; I am no longer snoring, which I must add makes my wife very happy. I sleep through the night like a baby. I’ve been fighting my weight for years, right now I feel like this is a battle I have won!

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Andy M.

Lost 35 pounds

I began the program the Sunday after Thanksgiving and in eight weeks I lost 35 pounds and 11% body fat. I really liked Dr. DeGroot’s emphasis on getting me to a healthy body fat percentage rather than specific weight.

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Allie K.

Lost 38 pounds

The 30/10 program took a little time to adjust to, but was easy and became even easier to follow once I started shedding the weight. The coaches were so positive, motivating and full of support through this journey. I’ve not only lost 38 pounds (down 6 pant sizes!), but I’ve learned what healthy eating is all about and how to maintain my weight loss

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