Jeff K.

Lost 70 pounds

“I started my journey, to a new me and a healthier life, back in January of 2014. I was able to lose 70 pounds by May.”

“I can’t say enough how I appreciate Dr. Linda DeGroot and her wonderful staff. The program was explained very well, right from the start, and the staff was extremely supportive. They kept me focused and healthy throughout the entire process.The most amazing part was how easy it was to lose the weight that I had struggled with for years.

I am a rather high profile person and a side benefit, that I am very proud of, is that because my success, a lot of people was influenced to enter the program as well.

I have had 2 complete physicals and my primary physician and cardiologist were amazed by my test results, all of my important health numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. were amazingly better; they believe I have saved my life.

 As far as the program is concerned, if you can stop using alcohol for a WHILE, and you love veggies, you will make it no problem. You do not go hungry, and all you need to do as far as exercise is walk 20 to 30 minutes a day. There is no need for a personal trainer, no gym, and no pain. Anyone can do this!

 Now I am on the MAINTENANCE PROGRAM. They truly want you keep the weight off and succeed for the long haul. Even now I am doing a tune-up for a few weeks because I gained a few holiday pounds, and this is a expected part of life. Remember, it is called WEIGHT LOSS FOR LIFE, there is no finish line.

I would recommend it to anyone, even my mother and wife are in the program. It is easy to talk about 30/10 because IT WORKS, SIMPLE AS THAT!”

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