Ana Kelly

Spirit 105.3 KCMS

I’m so grateful for 30/10. Thank you for helping me get my healthy body back! Now I can keep up with my kids!!

I have battled with my weight most of my life. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I learned the power of eating healthy and exercise. Since that time I had been in pretty good shape, ran a couple marathons, did the Danskin triathlon and have enjoyed being healthy! That is until I got married, had two babies and went through a family loss. With the big life changes: mommy hood and losing my Dad I gained 30 pounds. It slowly crept on and I knew it was emotional eating I was doing. Late night popcorn and peanut M&M’s was just one of my vices. It helped numb the pain, gave me a dopamine and serotonin boost from all the stress of working full time and taking care of my family. But In the long run the 30 extra pounds only made me slower, grumpier, and more tired. So for mother’s day this year day I got a fit bit and stared tracking my food and getting more exercise. I was really good for two weeks, worked out 5 days a week and ate really well. But when I hopped on the scale come to find out I did not lose a pound! Not one! I was so frustrated. My body had changed and maybe I forgot what it really took to lose weight. That’s when 30/10 came in! They were working with SPIRIT 105.3 and asked me if I would like to try the program. I was like Wow, good timing! Thank you Lord! He has a way of doing that. 😉

So I have officially hit my goal!! I lost 32 pounds in 14 weeks on the amazing 30/10 plan! I feel so great, more energy, sleeping better and moving a lot faster than I used to. The program was so easy — basically you do what they tell you and it works (like a charm!). I’ve been really impressed with the staff at 30/10, they really know there stuff! I was a former news reporter and I know a lot about health and wellness so I put them to the test when I first started the program. I had a lot of questions — I wanted to know just how much they REALLY knew about health and losing weight. Well a few more things than I did come to find out. They really helped my change my attitude towards food. It’s the relationship that needs to change between you and food. I used food for emotional comfort. Well not any more! That is one habit I have finally kicked for good! The team at Northgate was a huge part of my success. I’m so grateful for 30/10. Thank you for helping me get my healthy body back! Now I can keep up with my kids!!

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